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I am going to use this blog to tell you about my Learning Journey. I’ll add all my achievements from inside and outside school.  I’ll also add some news about what’s happening in my life. Click on the ‘Categories’ section in my sidebar to find out more.

100 Words Callenge

The box is blue with a pink bow. I dont know if it is a present or just an emty box. I hope it is a 3ds for me but there are other things it could be. If the box is wrapped in blue paper it could be a present for a boy but the pink bow means it could be a present for a girl or, the box might be emtey. If I lifted it I would know if it is light or hevey. If I open the box I would know what is inside it. But I chose not to.

my most treasured possession

My My most treasured possession is my front tooth it got knocked out of my mouth by a swing  when I was  playing with james  at  GADRCH PARK .

I HID  IT UNDER  MY PILOW.  THE TOOTH FAIRY CAME BUT SHE DID NOT TAKE MY TOOTH.                                                                                              




most treasured possession